Most frequent questions regarding the Tourism Pass

How to handle properly the launching of your Pass? What are the arguments to convince partners sites?
Trust our expertise, we’ll answer all your questions!

Before the launching

On the Loyalty Operator platform, you can create as many types of pass as you want, with an unlimited number of services and partners.

  •  Touristic Pass : for regular visitors, a 24h / 48h / 72h including access to main touristic sites.
  •  Business Pass : for business travellers, with discounts on restauration services.
  • Ambassador Pass : to incite citizens to rediscover their territory and buy local products.

The cost of the Pass needs to be calculated based on three parameters:

  • The cost of the services: paying the partners who gave a benefit.
  • The cost of distribution: resellers’ fees and advertising costs (posters, flyers…)
  • The cost of exploitation: crafting and managing the cards.

We furnish a detailed guide which describes the launching process.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can set up the whole Touristic Pass project within a month. There’s no miracle here : all we need is your commitment and motivation !

Arguments to convince partners sites

The Office promotes its partners through the Pass. You are visible online, in mail campaigns and on every medium promoting the Pass.

The Pass encourages visitors to to take advantage of all included offers : say goodbye to off-peak hours !

All the fees and billing datas are automatically calculated on the platform which handles the Passes. Managing your treasury is made simple and reliable !

The Pass meets visitors current expectations and participates in the good practices of the Territory Management. This is why offices of very different sizes deploy their own passes.

Setting up the touristic pass

In order to use our solution, you only need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and an internet connexion. For mobile partners, it is possible to use the solution on a phone without an internet connexion.

Yes, Loyalty Operator provides a programming interface that allows easy integration with existing systems such as CityBreak, IREC or Alliance Réseaux. Thanks to our API we can integrate other systems.

Yes, in many technical scenarios, the Touristic Pass can be coupled with the City transportation cards. The offer can also include unlimited travels. This allows the visitors to freely circulate during their trip and enjoy the Pass even more.

Several solutions are possible, we can study them with your provider:

The City Passes can be compliant with parking devices, to encourage the visitors to do their shopping in the city center !

Using the pass on the sites

When visiting a site, the tourist shows his pass to the service provider. The service provider just has to identify the visitor by scanning its Pass, and validate on the screen the used service. In the case a visitor loses his pass, he can be identified through his name.

Some of the service providers are mobile, touristic trains as an example. This is why we conceived a 100% nomadic validation mobile app! This app features an offline mode in case of network failures.

No, the app is designed to be fluid and efficient. The provider only needs to scan the pass so that the visitor’s data appears. Then, the provider only needs to validate the service in order to count the service and fuel the datas.

Managing treasury

For each type of Pass, you define the amount of the commission for each reseller. This commission is then automatically calculated for each use of the City Card.

For each service, you define a public price and your negociated cost. As an example, the public price of the entrance of the Modern Art Museum could be 10€ and the negotiated cost 7€ per visitor having the Pass.

According to the negotiated cost, we compute in real-time the compensation for each service provider.


These data belong to you, we will not use them and we will not sell them. We act as a partner processing these data, strictly respecting privacy rights and GRPD rules.

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